Message encryption

MESSAGING ENCRYPTION is far and away becoming an integral part of our personal security lives, and the fact that plenty of platforms are implementing the feature is a good thing, no matter what governments may say.

Encryption technology has become the favored scapegoat for recent terrorist attacks, and messaging services have been accused of facilitating terrorist communication thanks to their pro-privacy features. However, as our digital lives become increasingly enmeshed with our personal ones, it’s more important than ever before that that our work and personal conversations are protected with encryption, especially if we’re discussing sensitive information.

More companies are beginning to use messaging platforms and group chat functions as proxies for in-person conversations, largely because of its convenience factor. As such, it’s really important that our platforms of choice are secured against breaches or snoops, especially if our economy becomes ever more reliant on knowledge and data.

Why should you choose Sky ECC?

Sky ECC is the world’s leading secure messaging platform with tens of thousands of users world-wide used by the most regulated and sensitive industries. Sky ECC includes secure messaging, secure voice recording, password-protected vault, and is installed on tamper-resistant hardware with multiple layers of encryption to ensure that your messages can’t be decrypted by anyone.

Secure one-on-one and group chats
Broadcast messaging to contacts
Secure image, note, and contact sharing
Record and send secure audio recordings
Password-protected Vault for images, notes, and saved chats
User-defined message expiry
Revocable messages, images, recordings, and shared notes
Flash messaging (messages disappear 30 seconds after reading)
Duress password deletes all app data—chats, saved files, and contacts

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