Do you want more information about garden houses? Then you should know that Lugarde is the garden house specialist when it comes to buying garden house made to measure at an attractive price.  only uses high quality wood from pressure-impregnated fires, douglas or red cedar.

Our pine is of high quality. It comes from northern countries with a cold climate. Because of this cold climate, the trees grow more slowly. This creates finer annual rings, which ensures an even and strong structure of the wood.

Large assortment in garden houses

We supply various types of log cabins in our large assortment. For example, the luxury corner garden house that you have been dreaming of for so long, that practical compact log cabin for the small garden, that beautiful log cabin with a roof for a lounge corner and everything in between. Choose from different roof types, such as a pyramid roof, gable roof or a modern, flat roof. Go for a garden house with a large wall thickness for that attractive place to stay, or choose a thin wall if you use the log cabin as storage space.

The finish of the wood is not an unimportant detail. Here too, there is an extensive choice from impregnated pine to untreated pine. By opting for a good treatment of the wood with impregnation and pickling, you can maximize the life of your log cabin.

Lugarde offers various top brands of log cabins such as Outdoor Life, Interflex, Tuindeco, and has also designed and manufactured a range of log cabins and garden houses from its own home, with the expertise of the market leader in garden and outdoor living.

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